Ten Tips Toward Better Facebook Engagement- Part 1

If I had a dollar for every person who has complained to me in just the last three months about their falling Facebook insights, I would quit my job and move to Tahiti. Are you one of these businesses concerned that no one is reading your posts anymore? Or maybe you don’t have a business, but you’ve seen a similar negative trend on your personal page. If you’re wondering whether it is all in your imagination…well, it definitely is not.


So what happened?

It appears that since it’s famous IPO, facebook is making dramatic changes to the algorithm that calculates your “EdgeRank” score in an effort to encourage more paying customers. According to facebook, however, traffic is higher than ever, so there is much more competition to be included in a person’s newsfeed. EdgeRank now helps to determine who gets seen and who does not.

Did I lose you already?

If you’re on Facebook, you have a score that facebook calls your Edgerank. Your EdgeRank is determined by several factors including your ability to engage with your fan base. How many likes, shares and comments are you getting for every post? It has never been more important to be interesting, funny, entertaining and helpful to your fans to keep up with the competition. More interactions on your page, will increase your EdgeRank score and allow your post to be seen by more people. This is a MUST now, because the days of assuming people are seeing your posts are way over. On average, business pages reach only 16% of their fan base. …this explains the extreme frustration out there!

So what can you do about it?

Well, we have put together ten quick tips in this two-part series to help boost engagement on your page, and ensure you’ll be seen by more of your fan base:

1) Ask for feedback: Fill-in-the-blank statements, questions and multiple choice scenarios are all great ways to generate an immediate response from your fans. The simpler you make it for them to respond, the more response you’ll get.


State Bicycle Company Facebook Post


2) Encourage “likes”: Posts such as… “click like if you have ever wished you were in here on a Monday morning.” (complete with a fabulous tropical picture) would likely get some traction. Although likes aren’t calculated as heavily as comments and shares, they still help you boost your engagement rank, so it never hurts to ask. Here is an example from our friends at Princess Cruises.



3) Offer helpful information: People love to look at pictures. So why not spice up it up with an informative Infographic. We love Piktochart…but there are many great tools out there that can help make designing infographs quick and easy.



4) Use images: ask for photo captions and use quotes whenever possible. Because quotes (especially inspirational ones) are something just about everyone can get behind, you’re sure to add a few more likes to your page every time. Links don’t do much for your Edgerank, so simply linking to an article, won’t ensure you get seen. However, if you can add an image to your linked post, you’ll get more bang for your buck!


Canvas People Facebook Image


5) Use video: There is no questions that compared to other post types, video allows your brand to interact most richly with your consumer. So although you may get fewer clicks to video overall, the clicks you do get from facebook will end up resulting in a brand experience that is more valuable than any other post. For this reason, we always recommend that you mix up video onto your page as much as you can. But one quick tip: because you’re asking your audience to spend more time with you during video posts, resist the temptation to post these during work hours. Instead, schedule a video post for after 7pm, and you’re likely to get a few more views.


One Direction facebook video


Want more?…Click here for Part 2

Which of these tips do you feel has worked best for your page? Or maybe you have others you can share with us. We love sharing best practices and with such dynamic changes to the world of social networking. Comment below to share other ideas and help us keep on top of what’s new!

If you’d like help on your social media strategy, or feedback on ways you can maximize your image online, contact Andrea by clicking here or calling our office at (818) 516-9810.

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